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The Kitchen Conquered Story

Hi, I'm Jimmy
The Founder of Kitchen Conquered

I used to be fat and unhappy.

Then I changed my diet and lost weight without working out, got the same (or better) results as diet purists, and was able to do it with a variety of foods so that I would never get bored with my new way of eating.

I achieved all of this with the help of some really cool chefs. Now I'm sharing this with the world.

If you want to lose weight, eat better, and make your kitchen your new best friend, this would be a great place to start.

Jimmy Slagle: Kitchen Conquered Founder

Fat Guy In A Little Coat…

Hi. I'm Jimmy, founder of Kitchen Conquered.

You may be wondering what the KC Kitchen is really all about… Well, here is the 411.

I used to be the “fat guy in a little coat” and now I'm not. I had two choices, get a bigger coat or don't be a fat guy anymore… (I chose to not be a fat guy).

I would love to show you some before and after pics, however, I don't photograph well so you'll just have to trust me on this.

I went from 212 lbs to 174 lbs in less than 90 days and didn't exercise. I just started eating differently.
Allow me to back up a little and explain how the KC Kitchen came about…

My “day job” is CEO of Chefonality, I'm also Chairman of Kitchen Conquered™ (The Most Interesting Culinary Community In The World).

My job allows me to interview celebrity chefs & extraordinary home cooks. During these conversations, chefs share some of their proudest culinary creations. During one of these conversations, I had an epiphany (more about that in a moment).

Back to my “fat guy in a little coat” story… It's early spring 2020 and Covid has placed the world under a pandemic which pretty much killed the restaurant sector.

With restaurants closing and chefs scrambling to pivot, we, at Chefonality, had to pivot as well (we did). Bottom line: The restaurant industry and the travel industry were both on lockdown. This was causing a lot of stress and free time (for a lot of people, myself included).

What do many people do when they have an obscene amount of free time and stress?


It was ugly and unhealthy… but, it'll be OK… I'll just go to the gym and work it off…

Except the gyms were under lockdown as well. This left only one thing to do… EAT BETTER. So I started exploring the latest diet trends to see which one best fit me, my lifestyle, and my cravings.

I looked into the following diet trends to see what was what….

Ketogenic (Keto): Low Carb, High Fat, Moderate Protein… sounds interesting.
Paleo: Kill it, Grow it, Eat it… No processed foods… hmmmm.
Vegetarian: All vegetables, fruits, nuts… No MEAT… (I love Meat).
Mediterranean: Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Oils, Olives… Become a Greek God.
Intermittent Fasting: Eat what you want for 6-8 hours per day… Interesting.
SirtFood & Others: I looked at the list, there are like 10 foods you can eat.

So what's a “Fat Guy” to do?

Keto sounded good to me, so did Paleo, Mediterranean, and Intermittent Fasting… So why not combine the best of all of them and create a plan that works for me?

That is what I did… And it worked (still does).

Now for a MAJOR DISCLAIMER (I don't want to get sued)…

I am NOT a dietician, nutritionist, or a medical doctor (nor do I play one on TV)… I am, however, a Harvard Educated Fine Dining Experimentalist and a mediocre chef…

And This brings me back to my epiphany…

I wanted to accomplish two goals: Eat Better & Lose Weight… But How?

Here is an idea… why not reach out to my vast network of celebrity chefs, extraordinary home cooks, nutritionists, dieticians, & others and create some recipes and meal plans to accomplish my goals?

So, that's what I did… And the Kitchen Conquered Kitchen was born.

Here is where you benefit from this “epiphany”…

During a “normal” week (is any week “normal” anymore?), I am responsible for feeding 5-7 adult humans (it depends on who shows up for meal time).

And each of these humans, likes different types of foods (frustrating, I know). So how do you please all of these human's taste buds and still feed them a healthy diet (that covertly allows them to lose weight and feel better as a side benefit)?

You create recipes and meal plans (with the help of your celebrity chef friends) that take the best of the aforementioned diet trends, and you create tasty, filling, variety filled meals (and snacks) that accomplish the primary goals… Eat Better & Lose Weight.

I have to confess… If you are a “diet trend” purist… this might not be for you. However, if you want to feed yourself (and family) and have fun in the kitchen doing it… make some new friends… maybe lose a few pounds… and just maybe feel healthier… stick with me.

Where does one start with all of this? Research. I went to my favorite search engine on the interwebs and began to search for information and guess what I found?

Instant Overwhelm… There is sooooo much information out there about diet trends, eating healthy, losing weight.

Trust me, a lack of information is not the problem… for me, and those I have asked, it is more about simplicity and execution.

So I hired some folks (who are much smarter and better qualified than I) to create some training on each of the six major diet trends for our members to dig deeper and get a thorough education…

Obviously as a member, you get full access to this training in one place (brilliant idea, I know).

Moving on…

Once we had the education it was time to reach out to my network of chefs and have them create recipes and meal plans that met the following criteria…

Simple to make
Fun to cook
Ingredients easy to source
No calorie counting
Tasty left overs
Snacks (for those moments when you just want a snack)
Dinner recipes
Lunch recipes
Breakfast recipes
Smoothies (quick meals)

I picked up the phone… made calls, sent emails, DM's and the occasional face-to-face, and I requested recipes… guess what I got?

Hundreds of really good recipes (enough to fill numerous cookbooks)… I started cooking and testing (tasting)… I served these delicious, healthy meals to family and friends…

And guess what, they loved them and everyone involved in our little experiment… LOST WEIGHT and FELT BETTER.

SUCCESS HAS BEEN ACHIEVED! (High-Fives all around).

Now What?

Brilliant Idea: Let's share this with others who struggle… are too busy… love to cook (or don't)… anyone who just want's to get it done… anyone who wants to Conquer Their Kitchen (because kitchens should know when they are conquered).

Welcome to the Kitchen Conquered Kitchen… We make it simple and fun to Eat For Life (with the help of some pretty cool chefs).

Inside the Kitchen Conquered Kitchen You Get:

1. An Extensive Dietary Education in Multiple Formats
2. Weekly Dietary Trend Specific Cookbooks
3. Ultimate Diet Plan Recipes
4. Ultimate Diet Weekly Meal Plans
5. Curated Commentary From Experts
6. A Community Of Peers & Experts
7. Access to Special Offers, Discounts, Swag
8. And So Much More

What have you got to lose (maybe a few pounds)? Join us.

"I love Kitchen Conquered! It's a great resource for home cooks who want to become better chefs. The community brings together celebrity chefs and industry insiders to share their knowledge and expertise.

I've learned a lot from the tutorials and recipes on the website. The recipes are easy to follow and the results are always delicious. I highly recommend Kitchen Conquered for anyone who wants to improve their cooking skills."

Marcus G.
Home Cook

"I'm not a great cook. But I like to think I can follow a recipe without too much trouble. A few months ago, I decided to try my hand at cooking a bit more complicated dishes. I wasn't having much success. Then, I found Kitchen Conquered.

Kitchen Conquered is a community that brings together celebrity chefs and industry insiders to help home cooks become better chefs."

Michelle R.
Home Cook

"I joined Kitchen Conquered because I wanted to become a better chef. The community has helped me do that by bringing together celebrity chefs and industry insiders.

I've learned so much from them, and my cooking has improved tremendously. Plus, the community is a lot of fun, and I've made some great friends there. If you're looking to become a better chef, I definitely recommend joining Kitchen Conquered."

Larissa W.
Home Cook

"I was so excited when I found Kitchen Conquered because it sounded like it would be a great resource for learning how to cook like a professional chef. And it definitely didn't disappoint!

The community is filled with tips and techniques from some of the best chefs in the business. I've already made some great dishes thanks to their advice, and I'm excited to keep cooking with this community.

I've learned a lot from the tutorials and recipes on the website. The recipes are easy to follow and the results are always delicious. I highly recommend Kitchen Conquered for anyone who wants to improve their cooking skills."

Chef Tate S.
Pro Chef

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