Survive Hell’s Kitchen 18 As A Rookie Or A Veteran? Get 73 Unauthorized Hacks

"73 Unauthorized Kitchen Hacks" out of the mind of chef Ramsay is available from This book is for fans who crave secrets to surviving Hell's Kitchen as a rookie or a veteran.

“73 Unauthorized Kitchen Hacks” out of the mind of chef Ramsay is available from This book is for fans who crave secrets to surviving Hell's Kitchen as a rookie or a veteran.

Culinary education company,, has released an unauthorized expert E-book containing 73 Kitchen Hacks From the Hell's Kitchen Master Chef designed specifically for fans of reality cooking shows. This paid E-book provides in-depth information that fans of reality cooking shows need to survive season 18. A full synopsis of the report can be found on the company website:

The 73 Unauthorized Kitchen Hacks From the Hell's Kitchen Master Chef E-book contains credible sources that provide reliable information that can be used to make important kitchen conquering decisions. Considerable time and resources were used to create the most comprehensive report possible, covering topics such as:

73 Unauthorized Kitchen Hacks From the Hell's Kitchen Master Chef – What happens when you actually listen and write down what a master chef like chef Ramsay shouts across a crowded kitchen? You get 73 unauthorized tips, tricks, & hacks that give rookie and veteran chefs confidence in the kitchen.

The Ability to Conquer Any Kitchen You Enter. – Have you ever wondered how “Celebrity Chefs” make it look so easy on TV? Do you want to know what happens before, during, and after a “Mystery Box”, “Quick Fire”, or “Mystery Ingredients” challenge? Do you want the ability to conquer ANY kitchen you enter in 2019?

The Skills to Compete on Your Favorite Reality Cooking Show. – What would if feel like to have the proven techniques,strategies, skills, and tools to prepare, audition, and compete on your favorite reality cooking show (even if you decide to never actually audition)?

Gordon Ramsay, Master Chef has said,

“Like all chefs, I've learned an incredible amount along the way: techniques, tricks – cheats, even that I incorporate instinctively into my cooking every day. Half the time I don't even know I'm using them, but they are always there, giving me confidence in the kitchen.”

The cost of the report is $4.77 and includes a downloadable PDF as well as FREE access to the Kitchen Conquered Summit (November 5 – 7, 2018). Fans of reality cooking shows are invited to review the report summary as well as purchase directly on the website:

Here's Why Rookie & Veteran Home Cooks & Chefs Should Attend The Kitchen Conquered Summit Event:

#1 – Slash Learning Curves With 100+ Years of Kitchen Conquering Strategies Straight From Chefs Who've Done It

Most people spend years trying to “figure it out” – and settle for a fraction of the kitchen success they crave. Why waste time experimenting when learning directly from chefs who've done is what experts advise… learn straight from the source's mouth.The instructors that have been hand-selected will empower home-cooks by teaching what really works… so participants can Prepare, Audition, and Compete on their Favorite Reality Cooking Show… (Even if they never actually go through with it)

#2 – Summit ticket is FREE

Although most conferences cost thousands of dollars, Kitchen Conquered is gifting free tickets so participants can experience how powerful this material is.

But spots must be claimed now because each presentation will stream free for JUST 3 DAYS – then it'll be locked up in the Kitchen Conquered Summit vault.

#3 – Action-Step Packed Interviews With Top Chefs and Home Cooks

No boring talking heads! Listen to the expert speakers during real, raw, authentic conversations about a topic in-depth, with instant takeaways and actionable advice that can be used immediately.

What Makes This Event Extraordinary?

Attendees don't even need to leave home — attendees can attend from any computer. There's no flight or hotel room to book… saving thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from family.

The Summit Can Be Attended At Anytime

The presentations will be available online so they can be enjoyed at any time. During the free portion of the event (available for a limited time), each interview will be live for 72 hours, and if an All-Access pass is purchased, purchasers will have access to all the interviews and bonus material forever.

Once-in-a-lifetime speakers

This won't be the same chefs and home cooks seen everywhere, regurgitating the same tired slop, with the same ‘one-size-fits-all' canned talk. These incredible chefs were hand-selected from different specialties who personally inspire the team at

Most of these chefs don't normally give presentations outside of private events, but they have agreed to make an exception… meaning attendees get to meet the most unique & diverse group of culinary experts under one roof at a once in a lifetime event.

Attendees will be inspired whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced cook. This is NOT one of those events where the speakers hold back on information so they “don't create competition for themselves” – far from it!

And it isn't just for people at one stage of their culinary journey.

Instead, attendees can get help with every stage of the process, from expert advice on stocking kitchens, perfecting techniques, and blending spices… to proven strategies to make any kitchen surrender to their will… (because, kitchens should know when they have been conquered!)

Now is the time to claim a copy of “73 Unauthorized Kitchen Hacks” and register for the summit. to claim a copy of the book and register for the summit visit

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